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Hi, I’m Steph and I love food.  I mean I LOVE food, and everything that associated with it.  If my whole house could be a kitchen, that would be ok with me. I don’t think you can ever have too many cookbooks or kitchen gadgets.

A little backstory on how this blog came to be.  After college I gained a lot of weight, about 45 pounds, not good.  So when I got engaged I decided it to take it off.  I joined weight watchers and lost that 45 pounds.  THEN a few years later I had a baby. I gained ALOT of weight with the pregnancy.  Too much, and it has taken a long time to take it off.  Can you still call it baby weight when your baby is 2 3?? Anyways… I am making this new year my dedication to get healthy and fit.  I am always looking for ways to change recipes to make them light and healthy.  I decided to start this blog as a fun hobby to share my love of food and re-inventing recipes.

I am married to the love on my life, Tom and we have a beautiful, crazy busy  son TJ.  He’s awesome.

Here are my boys

Tom hates fish, I make it all the time.  He eats it reluctantly.  Neither of my boys like vegetables. I like them all, except peas, they are little, wrinkly and weird.  They are ok if they are mixed in something but don’t you dare put a plate of peas in front of me, Yuck.

A couple things about me:

1) I LOVE wine.  Its wonderful.  Red preferably but I don’t really discriminate.  I am an equal opportunity wine lover.

2) I am a terrible speller.  Thank goodness for spell check.  If you catch any typos please tell me :-) Thanks

3) I love the beach, its were we spend mostly all our weekends during the summer. We are fortunate enough that we live close and can go frequently.  Here’s to getting back into that bikini!

Me and TJ at the beach



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