Tips & Tricks for Weight Loss

It has taken me a long time to learn how to be healthy.  Its a lot of work, and I am still a work in progress.  Being bad is so easy :-) Here are some things I have learned in my weight loss, health finding journey.

1) Seasoning, Seasoning, Seasoning.  There are tons of spices that you can use to infuse your food with wonderful flavors. Experiment with them, add some heat.  A lot studies show that turning up the spice in your foods can increase your metabolic rate and decrease your appetite. Don’t forget to salt your food early, salting food early in the cooking process brings out the flavor in food.  Salting food at the end makes just makes your food taste like salt. Use discretion with salt if you are on a low sodium diet.  A lot of sodium is not good for any one.

2) Eat on smaller plates. The portions most people “should” eat are small.  Placing 3-4 oz of chicken on a huge dinner plate makes it look tiny!  Put it on a sandwich or side plate and it does not look as small.

3) Half your plate should be fruits or vegetables.  Eat them first, it fills you up.  Also, I find that I am less likely to finish my vegetables if I fill up on the other food first.

4) Fat is not the enemy.  Not all fats are created equally.  You know how people keep saying thing “but its a good fat” They are right!  There are a lot of fats out there that can actually help you lose weight.  Things like almonds, avocado, healthy oils and salmon all have good fats.  However, saturated and trans fats are the ones you need to watch out for.  Fried foods, fatty meats, whole cheeses and milk and packaged foods.

5) Foods labeled “Healthy”, “Natural”, “Low Fat” are not your best choices.  A lot foods that are marketed to dieters remove fat and add sugar, calories and fillers.  These things are empty calories and do nothing for your.  You are much better sticking to real foods.  It takes for effort but its worth it.


3 Responses to “Tips & Tricks for Weight Loss”

  1. Dot says:

    portion control is a MAJOR factor in weight loss: you can eat what everyone is eating as long as you measure!Also, ramp up the veggies and exercise.

  2. Cadrian says:

    Nice said: Weight loss is a lifetime journey not a goal and it takes quite some time before you become well aware of how and what to consume to become healthier person.

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